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              It's Not Rocket Science! Do It Yourself!              A quick overview of helpful ideas and web resources, for homesteading and small business practice.

Me, Rhi, and myself as I am.

A little bit about my goofy looking self, pictured on the right:

My name is Rhi and I am a 22 year old aspiring linguist and an aspiring entrepreneur. I am working under and learning from Erica Ritter Wisner. I am a wearer of many different hats and enjoy walking on a multitude of varying paths. My skills and interests range from landscaping and organic farming to building and maintaining online servers for video games.

You find yourself reading my bio-blurb in this moment because a passion for sustainable living, homesteading, and small business practice has been ignited within my heart and mind. "What is your mission, Rhi?" you may ask. 

My mission is to help  provide easy access to current and valuable information pertaining to sustainable living, in the many different forms that takes.

In our modern day and age, streamlining communication and technology is very important. It is even crucial in owning and operating your own business or simply keeping the farm in working order. You don't need to waste time or money by hiring someone, to do something that could easily be done on the computer, with user-friendly interface and intuitive software! Listed below are some helpful websites to get you started down the right path to staying organized and stress free:

Business management websites to help get you started.

https://adwords.google.com/KeywordPlanner - KeywordPlanner is a very helpful marketing tool that will help you reach you customer base with ease.

https://www.paypal.com/us/home - "From everyday purchases to running a business, people around the world rely on us to pay and get paid." - PayPal can help with financial management and connecting with your clientele.

Staying connected with your community is a must!

https://www.facebook.com/ - If you do not already have a Facebook, I highly recommend you take a peek at this website. Facebook is a social media website that helps people from all around the world connect. 

Don't forget to keep expanding your community either.

https://permies.com/ - Permise.com is a place that I have just be started exploring. It is a vast well of knowledge and resources, mixed with a communicative community.