Wish List
like a registry, but with more words.


We registered "officially" at REI & Mirador.

Thanks for all the lovely gifts & help!


"Natural Plasters" book and/or help.

Pigments from EcoHaus, esp. blues, primary colors.

Bath mat - white / blue, tough.

Work & Tools:

Dieter Schmid Fine Tools - esp.  woodcarving.
The Apple Store / Free Geek - AdobeCS2, flatscreen monitor.
Coventry CycleWorks - a tandem or electic assist for Ernie's bike will be about $1500 (either one)
Bassitt Auto: a car tune-up or general maintenance/repairs.

Food, Clothing, and Fun:

REI (registered for adventure ;-)
Healing Arts: Massage, acupuncture, chiropractic - know a good healer?
McMenamin's (pizza, movies, beer!) or Laurelhurst Theater Pub
Salty's Seafood Grills (Portland)
Veritable Quandry - for gift certificates or reservations, call 503-227-7342

Education and Training:

Wooden Boat School
Permaculture Institute
Scholarships for grad studies
Illahee 2009 subscription
Powell's Books

We're married, we've moved in, Grandma's house has been sold, and we have all the "things" we need.  Many thanks to all who helped to fill our new home with cheerful and delightful gifts, and pretty-as-a-picture memories. 

Updated: Dec. 30, 2008

Erica's wish-list:

-Health insurance (last I checked, it cost at least $150/mo for private insurance.  I'm looking for a job with benefits, or to massively increase the workshops and freelance writing gigs.)

- Slippers made of those giant woolley socks with leather soles sewed on.

- Replacement camera battery charger for Canon PowerShot SD600 "Digital Elph" camera

- Apple-compatible  computer monitor, preferably a high-res flatscreen suitable for graphic work.

- Shampoo carpets in car.

- Softer floors in house.  (Easily cleaned rubber mats?)

Ernie's wish-list:
- http://americanhistory.si.edu/csr/shipplan.htm

Ship Plans
Smithsonian Institution
PO Box 37012
NMAH 5004 / MRC 628
Washington, DC 20013-7012 USA

especially the boat on Page 160 of the plan catalog:
WMB-2 Chinese Sampan Lines, 1" scale
Deck plan,
construction, oar, details, 1" scale
Sail, spar & rigging
plan, 1/2" scale
Three sheets total

- Gramicci trousers - size 32" waist, 36" inseam.  Prefer styles with flexible waist & insteam, but not with elastic cuffs please.

- Powells gift certificates ... books on wooden boat-building, early aircraft design... aquaculture ... "The Boat Building Manual" by Robert Steward, "Boat Building Techniques" by Richard Birmingham.

- a good set of wood chisels, a shipwright's adze, carpenter's hatchet, and/or a super-tough fireplace hatchet (hint: handle must be substantially tougher than standard household models.)

- electric assist motor for Ernie's WizWheels 'tadpole' trike (or an alternative scheme such as a handcycle/footcycle)

- socks that are ACTUALLY size 15 or 16, and not "10- 13."

Both of us:

Bassitt Auto: a car tune-up or gift certificate for general maintenance/repairs.

Powell's  / Books:

"Mushrooms Demystified" by Paul Stamets; "100 Edible Mushrooms" by ?
"The Natural Plaster Book" by Cedar Rose Guelbreth

Hippo Hardware / Brass hooks or knobs for kitchen curtains

Work-related upgrades:

- LAN or Ethernet cable to bring internet from main house to office - approx. 50 feet.  Wireless hub could be cool too.

- New laptop batteries - Toshiba Tecra 8100,

- help fixing up Dana house, office, garden, boats, bikes, etc.

 - portable storage boxes:
stackable wood crates, trunks with compartments or drawers, that sort of thing. 


Life and livelihood:

40' sailboat, 12-14' umiak (a lightweight skin-on-frame boat)
e.g this "fixer-upper":  http://www.flickr.com/photos/jkohnen/2633495066/in/set-72157605949612632/

Chunk of land near navigable water, with patchy forest; big enough for multi-family teaching / retreat center.