Yep, we did tie the knot ...

Questions You Might Have:

Weather: was perfect. Yay!

Pictures: We haven't got them all up yet, so please check back after we return from our honeymoon.  There are a few up already here: pictures

I kept looking around and thinking, This is exactly what I wanted.  Except better than I could have imagined. 

Thank you to all the friends, relations, cousins, aunts, sisters, brothers, and uncounted folk who helped us prepare, plan, celebrate, and clean up afterwards.

Gifts:  Thank you for all the lovely presents!  We've gotten a slow start on our Thank-You cards, as we've been working and moving in to our new apartment. 
("The Little House," same address as before but add Box A.)

We're honeymooning in the Inside Passage - Port Townsend, San Juans, but probably not Alaska this trip.  There are boats involved.  See pictures here. We're gone Sept. 1-15, see you when we return.

Thank you to Judge Moultrie and Father Moore for making our ceremony meaningful, real, legal, and full of laughter.











The Ritter and Wisner families cordially
invite you to celebrate the marriage of

Erica Katharine Ritter  

Ernie Allen Wisner

Saturday, June 21, 2008;  11:00 AM

Portland, Oregon



- Outdoors: Ceremony and picnic reception will both be outdoors. Please bring a picnic blanket, outdoor chairs, etc.  Limited indoor space is available for emergencies. 

- Attire: Fancy summer clothes - think "Victorian picnic" or "Sunday in the park."  As dressed up as you can get and still feel comfortable sitting on the grass. Hats, umbrellas, ribbons, lace, and pleats encouraged.

- Community Celebration: Featuring pot-luck, do-it-yourself fun.  If you would like to contribute a pot-luck dish, floral decoration, or other element, please let us know.  -  

Why yes, we'd love some help!

We're leaving this section up for now, as we have some friends who are also getting married soon.  Again, a big THANK YOU to everyone for helping and making a magical, beautiful, meaningful celebration with us.  It was everything we had imagined, and more.

as we said it:

...We'd like our wedding to be a celebration of our relationship, not only as a couple, but as part of our larger families and communities.  You've been supporting us all our lives, and we sure would appreciate your talented and creative participation in our special day. 

Food: We'd like an elegant, pot-luck picnic.  Erica's aunt Katharine Cahn stepped up to serve as coordinator: .  Tell her your favorite dish to bring, or ask what's needed.  Please bring the recipe, or ingredient list, both as a wedding gift and to help those with severe allergies.

Site Prep:  Grandma's Back Yard is a pretty, meadow-like area.  With a little help it can be idyllic.  We'll need some work-parties to fix up the yard and basement/deck areas.  How about this weekend? (May 24th or 25th?)

Music - We love live music.  Our family jam band is fun, and there are some good local dance bands.    It might be nice to have some music during the ceremony, too.  Anyone want to help us set up the details?

Activities --
- Bridal shower June 1st. 
- Thursday June 19: beach outing for anyone available
- Friday June 20: Final site prep & decoration, bachelor/ette parties
- The Day: Rehearsal 10am. Wedding 11am.  Picnic 12 until 4.
- Sunday June 22: Ritter family brunch?

Decorations:  Emily Ritter has volunteered to do floral arrangements, with help from Sabrina, Auntie Lynn, and others.  We're making yellow streamers at the shower.  Anyone who's free on Friday will be welcome to help set up the yard. 

Cleanup: Please collect your picnic gear and anything you lent for the occasion, as you leave.  Eleanor (Erica's mom) will help get people tidying up around 4 after the picnic, and if needed we can come back for more on Sunday.

Guest Book:  We'd like to collect everyone's blessings, advice, and autographs in a keepsake book.  (Thanks, Mom and Teresa!)

Parking / Ushers:  We have permission to park in the corner of the PCC parking lot at 42nd / Killingsworth.  We still need to confirm some parking attendants (smiling faces) and 2 shuttle vehicles with drivers.  Alternatively, guests with big vehicles could each take one carload of people as a shuttle run, then ride over with the next run.

Special jobs:  You know who you are.  Wedding party, minister, cake-maker, coordinator.  Thank you for helping us. 

Feel free to if we haven't given you an update lately.