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People contact us for several reasons, and we offer three ways to do so:

Questions answered for free at:

    Most "quick questions" aren't.  Two hours is probably average, and some take days of lengthy, detailed email exchanges.  Two hours times 130 messages in my inbox = oh look, the post office is about to close. For the week. 
    For free project advice, please consider searching, then posting the question to,  We are particularly active on the Rocket Stoves forum, but we are happy to be flagged down for other topics too.  If you do not get an excellent response within 48 hours, a "48 hour rule" post here (with a link to your thread, please) will generally result in a detailed, personal response.
     By giving our free advice only in public, we are able to help a lot more people, even when we're busy.  Other participants may also offer great advice, for example engineers, builders, or fellow DIYers who have been following this field for a while.

If you are not comfortable with a public forum, you are welcome to hire us for a private consultation
If you think neither of these applies to your situation, you may be right.  You're welcome to contact us as follows:

Private business:

(The link above is designed to interact with your own mail program.  If it does not work, please copy the address and paste it into the "to" field of your preferred email service. Please forgive us, but you will see a repeat of the above before you get a personal response.)

Phone: 509-556-2054 - Tonasket home office
Cell: 503-807-6212 - best for time-sensitive business (SMS texts welcome, no pictures or MMS please).

We are located near Tonasket, WA, 98855.  Mailing address and driving directions are different, so please call or email for the appropriate info.

We are a small office*.  Sometimes life gets in the way, and we miss an important message. 
If you do not hear back within a few days, please feel free to be persistent.

Many thanks,
Erica and Ernie

* It sounds better than "I am a small office," doesn't it?  The good news is you will most likely reach Erica in person, and occasionally Ernie or an on-site assistant.
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