Ice and Crystals
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Crystals are beautiful.  More than that, their shapes tell us a lot about them: what they're made of, how they formed, and even what conditions were like in mystierous depths of clouds, deep underground, or long ago.

For a detailed understanding of crystal formation, you can't beat this website:

When we present an Ice and Crystals workshop, we explore crystal formation through pictures and activities: 

- create amazing figurative Snowflakes (natural or symbolic shapes),

- experiment with everyday crystals like sugar, salt, and Borax;

- creating and sample delicious amorphous crystalline solids (Chocolate Truffles!)

Erica did a lot of work with crystals at OMSI, and snowflake workshops; Ernie learned about ice formation as a mariner sailing the Arctic. 

We presented a complete Ice and Crystals workshop at Cascadia Wild's Naturalst Skills Night, Monday January 21st, 2008.   

If you're interested in seeing this presentation again, please contact us!