Artisan Truffles
by Ernie and Erica

Want  Truffles? 

- Download recipe.  (Personal use only -- please inquire about commercial production.)

-  to ask about private parties or special orders - we generally make big batches near Valentine's Day.

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Chocolate "Tea" 

For the past ten years, Ernie Wisner has been perfecting his recipe for home-made truffles.  

We make these truffles seasonally, around Valentine's Day each year.  (We don't make them year-round because we taste every batch for quality control, and we can only eat so much chocolate! ) 

Some years, we are able to sell boxed truffles through a local culinary collaborator such as Dessert Noir.   Other years, it's strictly a friends-and-family affair. 

If you would like to try these truffles, you have several options: 
- check our calendar for tasting events each January and February,
-  to order boxed truffles or hosting a tasting event in the Portland area (yes, we do private parties).
- get instant chocolate satisfaction from Dessert Noir (they have a variety of dessert specials throughout the year, sometimes including these truffles)
- or make a batch yourself using this online recipe.



Flyer and poster from 2008 Dessert Noir truffle-tasting event:

ChocolatNoirPoster1.pdf    PreludetoaKiss_2008.ppt