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Ernie and Erica Wisner

Welcome.  We started this website to share our life with friends and family, but it's quickly becoming a vital resource for rocket mass heaters and other work. We are honored to make our living offering resources for practical projects: plans and booklets, free online information, and in-person workshops on a wide range of hands-on skills. 

    Between our projects and our clients' projects, we have limited hours available.  If you're looking for free project help, please check out the free resources we've already posted here, on our blog, and on forums where it benefits the public, like www.permies.com.  If your project is of a private nature, you can put down a deposit for private consulting. 
   We do still love to hear about your creative projects, and have been known to chip in some of our spare time for a taste of the results (e.g. home-cooked maple syrup, or good project photos that we can include in future resources).

questions@ErnieAndErica.info reaches both of us, and we'll do our best to respond within a few days. 

You might also like to sign up for our newsletter, or read our online journal: http://ErnieAndErica.blogspot.com.

Erica [Ritter] Wisner:

Erica is the public face of our business - and as Ernie says, the brains. 

She loves making things from scratch - anything from blueberry scones to the oven itself.  While it does take practice to develop confidence with raw materials, her passion is to help others get there faster.  How can we build the deepest competence in the least time?  Doing things together, sharing detailed video or photos, old-school hand-drafted diagrams at just the right angle?  Her most productive writing time is while we are snowed in, so watch for new publications in spring.  

Erica is a skilled educator and project coordinator, with over 15 years' experience building teamwork and leading hands-on learning experiences.  Mixed-age, mixed-skill, volunteer and paid crew - she can supervise a gaggle of pre-schoolers for a full day of outdoor fun, or make the most of peer-to-peer mentoring by facilitating groups of seasoned experts.  Workshop and class schedule

When Ernie can pry her away from this fascinating livelihood to mess about in boats, she has been known to declare her rank as, "the captain's wife: that puts me somewhere between admiral and luggage."

Work History: Science & art educator, curriculum developer (OMSI & others), writer, illustrator, researcher, caregiver.  BA Hampshire College, Physics and Art.

Hobbies: arts, crafts, masonry, baking, travel, hiking, gardening, wildcrafting, permaculture studies, social dance, aikido. 

Current Blog: http://ErnieAndErica.blogspot.com

Past publications:  E Ritter  travels: Ecca plans:Shop

Email Erica: erica@ErnieAndErica.info

Ernie A Wisner:

It takes more than a crushed leg to keep this man sitting down.  Ernie is semi-retired due to a disabling injury, but still makes time for the occasional workshop or fascinating prototype project.  He often reserves a few hours a week to answer rocket stove, botany, and seasteading questions on the public forums at www.permies.com.  After all, there's only so many hours in a day a man can think about boats.*

Work History: Fishing & maritime work, wildlands firefighting, botany, natural building, hydraulics and plumbing maintenance, consulting & research, and (briefly) cook, chocolatier, ballet dancer, and art model.

Rocket Stove pictures:  picasa albums,  rocketstoves.com

  Email Ernie: ernie@ErnieAndErica.info 

*There are 24, to be precise.

  Our friends and allies:

Cascadia Wild www.cascadiawild.org,

The City Repair Project: www.cityrepair.com

Cob Cottage Company: www.cobcottage.com

Deer Haven Farms (and B&B!) www.DeerHavenFarmsBB.org

Natural Building Network: www.nbnetwork.org

OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry) www.omsi.edu,

Permaculture Forums: Permaculture Forums at Permies.com

Portland area community resources for recyclery, education, and more

Leslie Jackson and the Rocket Research Team: www.rocketstoves.com

Richsoil - a Paul Wheaton resource - www.richsoil.com

The Sustainable Living Project - http://www.sustainablelivingproject.net

TOPS Learning Systems - www.TopScience.org

Trackers NW www.trackersnw.com

TryOn Life Community Farm, www.tryonfarm.org

Village Video: www.villagevideo.org

 and our families, of course, across the generations. 

Wedding Pictures 

(Shown: Corinna, Enid, Erica, and Mira:  Sisters, grandmother, and neice.)     

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